We all have bad breath

We all have bad breath. We eat. Partials of food get in between our teeth and on our tongues.

We brush and floss. But most never think of all the bacteria that is on the tongue.

Remember, 80% of all the bacteria in our mouths are on our tongue.

The bacteria grows on the back of the tongue. Why the back of the tongue you ask?

Simple. The bacteria flourishes in warm, moist, dark places (back of tongue). The bacteria doubles in size every 12 minutes.

When we sleep, we normally sleep with our mouths closed. This eliminates oxygen from flowing over the tongue. Thus, the bacteria grows on the back of the tongue where it is warm, moist and dark. The back of the tongue is perfect for this gram negative bacteria (the bad stuff) to grow.  The bad bacteria understands that it cannot grow in an oxygen rich environment. So the bacteria protects itself by secreting a bio-film. This bio-film is like an umbrella, protecting it from oxygen.

You need to use an instrument that is designed to gently remove the bio-film while protecting the tongue tissue. Oh, and if you can then remove the bad bacteria, well that is a big plus.

At Biocurv Medical Instruments, that is all we do. We make top quality tongue cleaners. The edge on our instruments are designed to not only “sweep” the bio-film, but also gently remove the bacteria.

You can use all the mouthwash (chemicals) you want to use, but unless you remove the bio-film you do nothing to eliminate or kill the bad bacteria. NOTHING! Mouthwash is nothing more than perfume.