How To Clean Your Tongue

Congratulations On Your Commitment To A Healthier You

It only takes about 20 seconds to clean your tongue.

 The toothbrush has been presented to patients to brush the tongue, however toothbrushes are designed for the smooth surfaces of the teeth, not the uneven crevices of the tongue. A toothbrush simply cannot reach the dorsal area of the tongue where the bacteria colonies grow. Our tongue cleaners solve that problem. Our products are specifically designed to reach and remove the harmful bacteria.

Always use a gentle motion when using any devise to clean the surface of your tongue. The tissue of your tongue is very sensitive. You never want to scrap or scrub your tongue. Your best results will be gently sweeping the debris off your tongue.

The bacterial debris on your tongue that causes the most harm rests on the posterior of the tongue. This is where you will want to focus your efforts. Using an effective instrument will aid you in your quest for a healthier, fresher you.

After Brushing your teeth, lean over the sink and gently stick your tongue out. Rest the Tongue Mate on the surface of your tongue and sweep the debris out into the sick. Sweep your tongue down the middle and then sweep both sides of the tongue. That’s about all it takes. It is recommended to rinse the tongue mate off in the water after each swipe of the tongue.

You may notice a white, or yellowish paste on the edge of the Tongue Mate. That is exactly what you want to remove from the back of your tongue. Using a good quality tongue cleaner with prevent that build up. The benefits are endless.