Benefits Of Using A Tongue Cleaner From Colgate

Nothing is more warming and welcoming than a white, shining smile. But behind those pearly whites rests the tongue. The tongue is sort of the jack-of-all-trades of your mouth. It performs a variety of functions, ranging from helping people to speak to aiding in the eating and digesting processes. The tongue also helps clean the […]

We all have bad breath

We all have bad breath. We eat. Partials of food get in between our teeth and on our tongues. We brush and floss. But most never think of all the bacteria that is on the tongue. Remember, 80% of all the bacteria in our mouths are on our tongue. The bacteria grows on the back […]

Tongue-cleaning methods: a comparative clinical trial employing a toothbrush and a tongue scraper.

National Institutes of Health J Periodontol. 2004 Jul;75(7):1009-12. Tongue-cleaning methods: a comparative clinical trial employing a toothbrush and a tongue scraper. Pedrazzi V1, Sato S, de Mattos Mda G, Lara EH, Panzeri H. Author information Abstract BACKGROUND: It is estimated that approximately 85% of all halitosis cases have their origin within the mouth; of these, […]

Toothbrushing vs. Toothbrushing and Tongue Cleaning

From the┬áNational Institutes of Health Toothbrushing versus toothbrushing plus tongue cleaning in reducing halitosis and tongue coating: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Kuo YW1, Yen M, Fetzer S, Lee JD. Author information Abstract BACKGROUND: Halitosis affects people of all ages. Among hospitalized patients, oral care includes toothbrushing and mouth rinses. Tongue cleaning is not included […]

Oral-systemic health: The time is now!

By Dan Sindelar, DMD Periodontal disease is now considered a complex oral and systemic disease that needs to be addressed by an integrative coordinated care team that includes both dental and medical professionals. Oral-systemic health(OSH) has become a movement. The research is exploding. Just over the last year, research has found: It appears up to […]

Bad Breath and the Battle of Bacteria

Bad Breath and the Battle of Bacteria From ABC News:┬áBy Gary Gately From HealthScoutNews “I think there’s a definite smoking gun here — that it’s a strong association,” says lead researcher Bruce Paster, a senior staff member at Forsyth. “There are the good bacteria and the bad ones. Normal bacteria keep out bacteria from the […]

Bacterial Infections With Antibiotics

Smart Bacteria Doctors commonly treat bacterial infections with antibiotics. When one drug doesn’t work, they try another. But now, physicians are finding that some of our infections are resistant to even our strongest antibiotics. The bacteria have, genetically speaking, outsmarted us. Read more: